Do you know the meaning of SEO, SEM, SEA, SMM and SERP?
Or is that all a huge black box for you?
We may help


Most important is your goal and what you want to achieve: Do you want to get listed on page number 1 of the search engine result pages, do you want new customers for your local business, more articles in the baskets of your online shop and more sales overall, do you want to boost and grow the visibility of your brand or do you just want more readers for your web site? Or something totally different?

Get in touch with us and we will show you solutions using the complete Online Marketing mix to achieve your goals.

Internet Marketing

The Internet or Online Marketing is the complete approach of your marketing strategy in the Internet. We advise you independently and develop in cooperation with you exact goals and offer hands on recommendations for action.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is used to rank your web site for relevant terms and keywords in the natural and unpaid search engine result pages. We will help you to continue to evolve your organic growth of your visibility.

SEM - Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing or SEA consists of SEO and SEA and should be used side by side to achieve your goals depending on your current situation and future plans. We would be more than happy to show you how to use both approaches effectively.

SEA - Search Engine Advertising

Using Search Engine Advertising or SEA your search term optimized text or banner ads will be placed in the search engine result pages on different pay-per-action models. You are able to get directly in touch with your desired target group.

SMM - Social Media Marketing

Adding the Social Media Marketing or SMM to your marketing mix can give you another boost. Using Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. may drive totally new customer or visitor groups to your store or web site.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing allows you to display and sell your products or services using the affiliates marketing channels and paying them rewards based on success. We can show you how to enable or optimize your campaigns and to succeed in Affiliate Marketing.


For more than 15 years Cybersulting is helping clients to achieve their goals using Internet Marketing. We help you get started, optimize your current approach or enable new, innovative ways to reach new horizons - whether it is local, nationwide or international.

Contact us and we are more than happy to show you a way!

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